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More Interaction with Other Realities in the Years to Come

More Interaction with Other Realities in the Years to Come Yahui through Rae Chandran

Greetings. I am Yahui, Lemurian master. Since the awakening that started in the 1960s and has continued to the present time, there have been many changes in your world. These changes will continue for the next thirty years or more. What is significant after 2012 is that what takes place on the Earth plane will have much more impact on the outer planes, for these planes will come closer and closer. The realization among the awakened ones about the interconnectedness among all creations not only of Earth but of the entire universe will be significant. This means there will be much more interaction with other realities of the universe in the years to come. This is a significant step toward humanity's future destiny.

Having said that, what do we see in the years to come beyond 2012? Significant progress will be made in understanding the realities of other life forms beyond this planet. There are myriad life forms throughout this universe, and this understanding that life exists more in other realities will collectively lift the human consciousness to a new level. So the focus of human beings in the near future and beyond will be on moving from a primitive, fear-based, and controlling consciousness into an expanded and knowing consciousness. Many countries will collectively and individually work to create this scenario through increased space travel and adventures. There will be more interest in exploring the nearby planets and in trying to find life forms there so that human beings can go there and interact. The probability of finding remnants of ancient life forms on the nearby planet called Mars is very close in terms of Earth years. From our perspective, we see Earth human beings slowly starting to visit and eventually colonize Mars within the next fifteen to twenty years. Many more new planets will be discovered in the coming years and months.

Changes in Communication

One of the most important changes we see happening on the planet after the magnification time of 2012 is in communication. What does communication truly mean, and how do we communicate? The perspective that communication is a gift that can be utilized to lift oneself and others in human consciousness will be a major shift from the way you communicate now. The potential to communicate from a higher level — which involves not just the vocal cords and throat chakra but all the chakras and the entire body — will shift the way we communicate in the future. Communication will come from a state of grace and appreciation. This will shift the way we see our fellow brothers and sisters on this planet. This will slowly give way to acceptance of others as they are in all aspects of their lives — religion, political belief systems, or just their way of life. It will also open up the great possibility of races mingling in a larger manner than has happened in the past few thousand years. Migration to other countries and cultures will become the norm. We see the time frame for moving into this new reality as the next few years — starting as early as 2018.