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It Is Time for Humanity to Reconnect to Their True Essence

It Is Time for Humanity to Reconnect to Their True Essence Archangel Michael, the Divine Feminine, and Goddess Brigitte through Judy Carder

Message from Archangel Michael

It is with great pleasure that we come forth, knowing full well that we are going to be speaking to many ears and hearts, for it is a good time to be on this planet terra firma. It is a good time to be a citizen of this planet, for not only are you a citizen of a specific city, town, country, and continent, but you are also a citizen of a planet. You are encompassing more than you believe yourself capable of at this time, for with you are measurements that are being made on your behalf and also on behalf of terra firma.

The great year has come — the great year 2013. This is something that has been consciously and unconsciously looked forward to by many, those who have been aware and those who have not been aware, for it is a time of great change. Twenty twelve has come and it is going. Change is happening in increments on your planet, but it is happening in a most beautiful, wondrous way, for Earth's destination was up to the human inhabitants upon the planet and how they thought, felt, and believed.

The Universe Delivers Greater Things Every Moment

It is time to reap what you have sown. And in this reaping, you will see greater things occur. If you are a very self-centered, self-involved being, you will only be paying attention to all of the things that are going on that are wrong. And by wrong, we mean what is within the hearts of men and women on this planet who wish to perpetrate damage, destruction, and hatred and spread all of those things that are not about goodness. But if you are a more involved citizen on this planet, one who has brought yourself into connection with greater things and greater understandings, then you are seeing the beauty as it unfolds — the beauty of life on this planet and the beauty of the planet herself.