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High Noon for Soul Evolution

High Noon for Soul Evolution Melissa Kane

We stand at a critical juncture. In the discussion of the physical world, this time is referred to as "high noon" in regard to the evolution of the soul. That is to say, the shadow gets smaller when one comes into alignment with direct light.

The Grandest Cycle of All

The great cosmic wheel has clicked into position. We have come full circle, closing one period of time and opening the door to another. This alignment with the Great Central Sun is shifting our circuitry, enlivening us with a boost of highervibrating cosmic energy. The cycle we will embark on is the grandest of all. We are in direct alignment with a light that envelops everything it touches and carries a frequency that penetrates into the hearts of all of Earth's inhabitants.

This frequency cannot be stopped by any force, as it is built into the cosmic system to be activated at particular coordination points as surely as the Moon circles Earth and Earth circles the Sun, as dependably as this Earth spins on its axis, for creation is always in motion and follows immutable laws that lead to expansion. The system was designed with integrative links so that all dimensions would be connected into higher frequencies and all those who set out to explore the lower dimensions with a shackled consciousness would be able to safely return when they were ready.