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This Great Change Begins with You

This Great Change Begins with You The Andromedans through Ray Dawn

Greetings from the Andromeda star system. We are here to speak to you of your upcoming emergence as a species of light. We are a part of your solar family, and we wish to bring information to you all in the greatest orders of the light and the truth of this light that is your true nature.

We are speaking of this time that is upon you — your great galactic cycle of time, this date approaching you, 2012 and into your 2013. It is a joyous occasion, for all beings on Earth are awakening to the true knowledge within themselves of what this time is all about. As your culture is awakening, so too are each of you individually awakening to the true breadth and scope of your heritage as human beings and what that means for your futures.

Here you are on the horizon of change, and this great change affects each of you at the greatest levels, because it is all within you. This change is being made to the deepest levels of your cells, your awakening consciousness. And all of you are intricately connected in a great tapestry of light and of life. Before you are the greatest changes of the ages, yet they must start in your very body temple. They must start at the one, for it is all returning to one, as you say!