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Familial Integrity: Your Accelerated Evolutionary Path

Familial Integrity: Your Accelerated Evolutionary Path Lily and the Group through Beverley Bright Star

We wish to thank all who have enjoyed reading our stories and parables. At this great time on planet Earth, we wish to say that your evolution is occurring much, much faster than was anticipated by us and others in our galaxy. We also wish to confirm that this evolutionary curve will continue to move at an accelerated rate for the duration of 2013 and perhaps beyond.

The great people of Earth have indeed arisen to the clarion call for action, love, and prayer. This is a step that we had only dared to dream of, and now it is already happening! Congratulations on your constancy and steadfastness in getting to this incredible point at this time, and Earth history will record that when your beloved planet needed you most, you were there for her — and for yourselves as well! Congratulations from all of us here on Sirius and the Pleiades!

The Gift

Once upon a time, there was a man named Bartholomew. Bartholomew knew that he was not going to live much longer, so he prepared himself, in various ways, to die. Now, this man Bartholomew had a friend named Ishmael. Although Bartholomew and Ishmael were from very different families and traditions, they loved each other very much and were as brothers. For you see, Ishmael had saved Bartholomew's life when they were young. They had grown up in the same village and played together as boys. They were childhood friends and had many adventures together, as young boys will do.