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Embracing the Whole Self

Embracing the Whole Self The Galactic Frequency Council through Catherine Richardson

Here we are in the last month of 2012, in the thick of it all. Now is the time on Earth that has been anticipated with both joy and dread for many, many years. Over the past three years, we have shared ways to benefit from this powerful wave of energy arriving in 2012. One is to consciously raise your vibration and expand spiritually. We have also urged you to bring God awareness to your everyday life by embodying the vibration of divine unity and honoring and caring for Mother Earth. Finally, we asked you to cultivate a deeper spiritual awareness and to seek out a spiritual community.

Again, we remind you that these were suggestions only. Your path of evolution is your choice. If you choose not to consciously take advantage of the rare opportunities of the 2012 energies, you will simply evolve in a different way. While your path may change, your spiritual goals will still ultimately be fulfilled. There is, therefore, nothing to fear from 2012.

Ignoring or Rejecting Your Shadows Only Deepens Your Inner Duality

Our final request as we move through and beyond 2012 is simply this: As you hold this vibration of divine unity, we ask that you simply absorb all within you — and therefore outside of you as well — that you have previously rejected. Bad habits, bad tempers, addictions, obsessions, negative thoughts — we ask that you not only accept them but that you embrace them. By "embrace," we do not mean that you give free reign to them through action but rather remember that they have been your teachers, your inspirations, your catalysts. They have brought you here. Just as the perceived "evil that men do" has brought your species to this momentous occasion, the shadow inside all of you has made you who you are — a divine spark of God, ready to catch fire!