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The Celestial Energies Are with You

The Celestial Energies Are with You St. Germaine through Blanca Beyar

Dearest ones, I come to you with infinite blessings and eternal support as you continue to expand your consciousness and avatar form into higher states of illumination. It has been an ecstatic and sometimes challenging ride for you, but I am here to bring understanding to all that is occurring to you so that you can feel comforted and inspired to continue to move onward and forward in your majestic transformation.

For so long, we have been talking about the arrival of highly surged cosmic energies that would support your multidimensional transition, energies that would trigger your celestial senses and capacities to experience other realms of existence that have been clearly available to you but you have only recently begun tapping into. I am here today to share with you that these energies are already present in your reality and that you are being introduced to numerous realms that are going to transport you to the greatest joy ride of your physical/celestial life!

Not Dreaming, Altered-State Traveling

Many of you have begun to experience a heightened state of what you call dreaming. You believe you are simply closing your eyes and mentally having these experiences of traveling and having conversations and experiences with people you know. I am here to tell you that what you have become comfortable calling a "dream" is no longer simply your mind playing back imprints of past experiences but is actually an altered state of reality that you are partaking in on an energetic level while your physical body sleeps.