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Are We There Yet? Stepping Out of Three-Dimensional Polarity into Our Oneness

Are We There Yet? Stepping Out of Three-Dimensional Polarity into Our Oneness Angels through Kerry Hettleman

Are we there yet? If your desired destination is ascension into the next dimension, we can honestly say, "Not yet, dear." We will arrive when we arrive, and until then let us focus on our journey in the present moment and how we can make the passage with ease.

This winter's solstice, December 21, 2012, has conjured up more discussion, anticipation, and controversy than any other day in the history of time. Whether it is an ending or a new beginning, it certainly triggers one's imagination in all the possibilities that something of significance will occur. Although it is just a date on a calendar, marking time, it also happens to be the day the Mayan calendar comes to an end. What does this mean? Is it a new beginning? Will we ascend from the third dimension into the fourth dimension? Does anyone really know what will take place, if anything? We could discuss the possibilities from now until … well, doomsday?

Instead of engaging in a polarized discussion in an attempt to foretell what our future may hold, we would prefer to provide you with the tools you can use to walk through this time of uncertainty with grace and ease. Even though the script may already be written, nothing is set in stone or a "done deal" until we have actually moved through the points on the line of time. The date may be written in stone, but what it represents is not. The changes we are facing will be what they are meant to be. If we can only remember, we are all one and it is all divine.