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Your Process of Transformation

Your Process of Transformation The Novenian Masters through Nanci Paluzzi

Greetings! It is our pleasure to be here with you on this day and to speak with you once again about the transformation that is now occurring across your planet and within each of you at this time.

You will find that you will become more sensitive to your surroundings. You will be able to intuit things that are happening within you, in your environment, and in the individuals around you. This will take the form of a knowing that you feel within your being. We would say that this transformation is a shift in perception. We have seen that many of you are in various stages of this shift. Some of you are just beginning to notice that the ways you have been operating in the past are no longer working for you. You are beginning to look for a new way to unify the ideas of what you wish to manifest in your world in your future. You desire to bring these ideas into your present so that you can begin to create the future you wish to experience.

We would say that the process of transformation you are presently going through is not only a spiritual elevation of your energies. It is also a quickening of your physical structure’s vibrations. The neuro-pathways in your brain will increase in number as you begin to experiment with new ways of perceiving. You will open yourself to new mental possibilities—things that you may have thought in the past to be impossible or mere coincidence. These developments in your brain and neurological structures will continue during the process of transformation that is now occurring.