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You Are About to Begin the Trip of Your Lifetime

You Are About to Begin the Trip of Your Lifetime Great Council of the Grandmothers through Sharon McErlane

I asked the Great Council of the Grandmothers to help all of us expand into our natural selves and awaken to our natural talents and abilities as the great changes that have been foretold for so long draw near. I saw them grouped together, laughing joyously, when I asked them this. They were so happy for us. What we humans so often fear—the unknown that is coming our way now—they were embracing with gusto.

Do not fear. You are about to embark on a joyous adventure, the likes of which you have never dreamed of. Keep your heart open as the changes come to you, and come they will. Keep your heart open and your mind too. This will be an interesting time for you as you awaken to new states of consciousness within yourself, as well as new sights, new sounds, and new beings. For a long time, your heart has pined for a great expansion like this, and now it is coming.

We encourage you to begin, whenever possible, to assume an open body position with your feet uncrossed and your hands open in your lap. Take this position whenever you can; it allows the body to teach the mind what it is like to open to life. In this instance, the body will lead and the mind will follow. Let your mind be curious about all that is happening. In fact, curiousity is the state we suggest you enter into now—interested, open-minded, alive to whatever is taking place around and within you. Begin to practice viewing life in this way. Instead of contracting into judgment and fear, open instead to observation and curiosity. You have much to learn, and in your heart of hearts, you are an eager learner.