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Year One of the Enlightened Epoch

Year One of the Enlightened Epoch The Menoch through Asandra

Greetings and welcome, dearest ones. We in spirit are called the great Menoch (great meaning large, not superior). We are a collective of master spirit teachers who come now to address your query about the transformational shift that many refer to as 2012. Although this shift has clearly been in process for a many years, it is now in 2012 on your calendar that you earmark an epoch of great change. As in all epochs, it is the beginning of a new time. This time, as many of you are already aware, is the moment wherein the passage into higher consciousness is now taking place.

The movement into this greater consciousness is different from any other time that Earth beings have known before. Why is this, you may question? Because this is the first time that human beings have the opportunity to consciously decide, as an awakened collective, to engage in a movement into the next plane. Although many people may have concerns about Earth changes of a geological, cultural, political, and economic nature, what we speak of is far beyond all of that.

This time of awakening is defined as a new world evolving on the Earth plane, but not one limited to the mundane dimension. A unification of the heart in the great collective of humanity will come forth because human beings consciously engage in this time of awakening. For some, there is fear that calamity will occur and that they will become swept up in the tides of uncertainty and change. This is not the shift we speak of. These calamities occur as a result of fear, ignorance, and powerlessness, yet you have the divine right to choose awakening and find your way toward grace and abundance.