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Who Will Predict Your 2012?

Who Will Predict Your 2012? Chief Red Eagle through Riz Mirza

Hello, I am Chief Red Eagle. Here is a special message for lightworkers, healers, and all those friends and members of the global tribe who are on their paths. Every path is different on this mountain, but of course the light is connecting them all in one. Many people who are involved in studying prophecies, spirituality, spirit guides, and psychic work are connecting to your guides. Those who have done their homework outside of themselves and inside of themselves know that there is no linear time.

So you are beginning by counting 2-0-1-2. You have counted two thousand and twelve times your planet has gone around the Sun, and yet there is not a number long enough to tell how many actual times it has gone around the Sun. It is because there never was a beginning and there never will be an end. The concept of a beginning will always imply that there had to be some kind of force and also an opposing force to create. The opposing force becomes a catalyst for the first force.

It will boggle your mind if you think about it, so I say stop thinking about it. It is not relevant to your lives; it keeps you out of the present moment. Thinking about what is going to happen in the following year and the year after that keeps you out of the present moment. Your minds work very quickly to help you find a secure place of reasoning.