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Turning of the Ages: A Challenge for Humans

Turning of the Ages: A Challenge for Humans The Goddess Council through Judy Carder

Much attention is being brought to planet Earth. We can tell you that it is mostly because human consciousness is stepping up, becoming more light-filled, developing more ability to see beyond the edges of the Earth, and becoming more consciously aware of what’s going on in the universe around the Earth.

On Earth there have always been prophecies. Since human inception, prophecies have been part of what has kept people informed. It is a duty of those who have been your overseers to bring pertinent information to humanity at the time. These prophecies are part truth and part challenge. The challenge is for humans to become aware that they have more power over the prophecies than the prophecies have over them. Once that is accomplished, many of the prophecies can be mitigated or eliminated. It is a matter of humanity stepping up to the cause.

We are being asked to give prophecies for 2012. There are many things occurring now that demand the attention of humanity, not in a fearful way, but in a way of knowing and understanding that you are here at a time in your history that will mark the changing of ages. The changes began much earlier. Now there is a culmination of energies to bring dimensional shifts. Study of the heavens is bringing awareness of new planets, asteroids, and comets. Where have they been until now? They were in the upper edges of fourth dimension. What this tells us is that Earth has moved past the edge of the photon belt and into another level of existence.