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A Time of Transition and Transformation

A Time of Transition and Transformation Kuan Yin through Bente Hansen

Greetings, beloved ones. As always, it is a wondrous opportunity to connect with you. Those like myself, who are here in spirit but not in physicality, understand and know only too well many of the hardships and challenges confronting you at this point in time.

You Came Here to Ride These Magical Waves of Change

You are witnessing the most magnificent and exciting time in your history. You are experiencing the energies of rapid change and transformation. These, blessed ones, are the energies you, being wise and aware, have chosen to experience. You came into your beautiful and magnificent human form not only to experience the shift of the ages but also to be a part of it. You came to observe it, feel it, ride those magical waves of change, and feel the energies as they shift from the old into the new. You came to observe Mother Earth undergo a major shift in her vibration and frequencies. In doing so, you too are undergoing equally great transformations and transcending the energies of the old.

It was decreed long ago that what is now occurring would take place. Many seers and prophets have deigned this to be the shift of the ages. Yet as you are aware, much of what has been forecast or prophesized indicates we are entering a time of tumultuous upheaval, catastrophes, and disasters never before experienced.