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The Time Stream That Brings Us to the Present and Extends into Our Future

The Time Stream That Brings Us to the Present and Extends into Our Future Expanded Consciousness and the Mayan Speaker through Miriandra Rota

We are Expanded Consciousness and we would speak on your requested topic of the year 2012, the next year in your counting. There are many who have interpreted and placed meaning on their own interpretations for this year of great transformation. We are not suggesting that such meaning and interpretations are correct or incorrect. However, we would speak of the truth of that which is about to occur within your timekeeping. For within most interpretations and predictions, there resides a thread of truth and it is that vibration that calls to you. Then here is your truth as you call it forth in this moment called eternity.

Within the time stream, there have been placed certain vibrational frequencies that hold specific purposes. You might be wondering who placed these frequencies within your time stream, and we would answer: You did. Long ago you, who are the lightbeings of this time within which you reside, viewed the time stream of physicality as it evolved from birthing into expanding. What did you see within your observations?

You saw possibilities. You saw the great possibility of the awakened state of consciousness. You saw the possibility of wholeness of being within all beings. What do those words mean? Wholeness of being, our beloved ones, in this instance, refers to the full knowing that all beings are one being, that all beings reside within one manner of consciousness and within that manner do they thrive in every pulse beat of their own journey, as one journey becomes all journeys. That is wholeness of being and you did observe such magnificent possibility as you collectively observed the unfolding time stream of physicality.