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The Time to Shine

The Time to Shine Esamuel through Victoria Tunnerman

Wonderful blessings to you who have come so far! We know that there is always great talk of the advances yet to come. However, these advances are all here at any given time. You are yet to understand the capacity by which these things come into being, but as the days progress into this current era, you will. Understandably, there is much to be gained on the spirit level. Advances come not from the physical alone, though it does play a part. We cannot deny one for the other, which is why you will be joining you as you make the physical transition to the next level.

Today is but one day in the advancement exercises. Collectively, we will advance through a series of types. Alternatively, one can advance in succession through days and weeks, but as you see in the advanced civilizations, time becomes irrelevant.

The Need for Physical Proximity in the Coming Advancement

Culminating in the next three years of Earth time, the following things will occur. We see this since it has already occurred in our time as a direct result of what you have inspired and created. Those who have stepped toward the pathway of spiritual advancement and the level from which we shall be communicating in the coming years will see these events occur. They will range from slight to ever powerful, depending on the understanding allowed in your current system.