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Stepping into a Better Way to Experience Physicality

Stepping into a Better Way to Experience Physicality The guardians through Saga-Oracle

Greetings, dear ones. It is time to prepare for a great event, is it not? Soon comes the day that you will say, “I have stepped up in consciousness, as I was born to do.” The Maya, as well as many other indigenous peoples, knew of this transition in the timemode experience ages ago. They also knew you would shift from the “age of me” to the “age of we” in the year that has come to be known as 2012. Frequently, they used the pyramid structure as a code for how time is experienced in the physical. Their reference as to what you now enter at the end of 2012 has been lost, or hidden from you, due to an antiforce agenda. It is sad but true that those working against the evolution of consciousness have hidden the invisible reversed pyramid references from you so that you would not know them. They did this so that you could be more easily controlled, thinking that an end of physicality was your destiny. However, there are references to this inverted “we” pyramid modality yet to be discovered. Since the time is ripe in 2012, that discovery among the structures and art of the ancients is likely to be discovered, even as old images are suddenly understood at a deeper level.

Physicality Has Not Been Fully Explored Yet

First and foremost, you are not going to lose your chance to experience within physicality. You have the fifth, seventh, and ninth dimensions yet to traverse and much to remember, since your soul already knows all there is to know. The even dimensions lying in-between those mentioned above are always crossover places where you can meet with your guides, dream your dreams, and experience your more natural state of pure soul-energy.

Don’t get confused, however, by the many ways the same process is described. For instance, to us, to be negative is to be receptive, since it is the feminine energy, the mysterious dark energy found in all creation and just discovered in what you call space. To be positive is to give forth, or radiate, the masculine energy of light.