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Shamanic Wisdom: Ascension, Appreciation, and Action

Shamanic Wisdom: Ascension, Appreciation, and Action Jan Engels-Smith

We are in the shift of a prophesied time, the ending of a time period that has extended for a 5,121-year cycle, a 26,000- year cycle, and a 62-million-year cycle. The shift from an era that has lasted for several millennia into a new age is happening now. The Earth is ascending, and we are going with her.

The spirits have informed me that the shifts of 2012 have the potential to be cataclysmic, revolutionary, or both. This year has great potential for huge confusion, and there are insidious dangers that surround us. Simple actions can create tremendous protection and ease while we surf the wave of this monumental energy.

Working with the Spirits

Ascension and greater consciousness have been my intention for years. I work with the spirits consistently and follow their guidance to the best of my ability. For the past several years, the spirits have been diligent about aligning me with the natural rhythms of the Earth and stars. Under their guidance, I slept outside under the stars for one year to regain this galactic rhythm. Yes, that means I slept without a tent and yes, it rained and was very cold at certain times. It is amazing the melodies you can construct with the rain hitting a tarp over your sleeping bag. I then had to sleep on the ground in a makeshift “cave” with no light to realign with the Earth. I built this cave in my yard by throwing tarps over a picnic table, which seemed to work really well.