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Sacred Codes of Light Will Open in 2012

Sacred Codes of Light Will Open in 2012 The Cosmic Council of Divine Light through Pat Crosby

We greet you as the Cosmic Council of Divine Light, a collective on a divine appointment to assist humanity during this wondrous and rapturous time known as the grand ascension— the great shift in consciousntess. Our collective includes some names you are familiar with—Archangel Michael, Reshel, and Metatron (feminine and masculine aspects of the universal architect)—and legions more than you have ever heard of. Even the names mentioned here give only an inkling of the powers that reside within these beings.

The energies of 2012 continue to accelerate in a time of exponentially increasing frequencies of love and light. This wondrous and amazing journey is in full play. We as guardians of your journey of light are sharing and cocreating this grand experience of the Creator’s loving intention with humanity. The year 2012 will see the unfolding and interweaving of the Earth plane with the galactic forces of light through the expansion of light codes of cosmic consciousness.

We remind you that some of you embodied ones on Planet Earth came from our ranks before your precious earthly incarnation, whether you choose to remember or to forget this affiliation during your earthly sojourn. It is to this grand position that we have now come. Now is the time for the seeds of light codes on your very precious and endowed planet to begin to manifest their gifts, to awaken, and to sprout.