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Responsibility and Reassessment

Responsibility and Reassessment Rhonda Smith

December 2011 (25/7) ends the year with a vibration of scientific knowledge that represents a great deal of spiritual wisdom and psychic abilities. Use this month to reflect on how far you’ve come and where you still want to go. Adjust all variables involved using flexibility, resourcefulness, and adaptability in order to express the truth. The goal is to take responsibility for yourself and behave independently as you crusade for the truth.

December 1 to December 3, 2011 (81/9)

You begin the last month of the year of manifesting your mastery in your physical life with the energies of power, authority, and leadership meant to be used for the good of all humankind. Your motivation and direction are from your spirit— the real you—which gives you a vast storehouse of wisdom within that requires you to have command of yourself at your unconscious levels.

This week begins with a free-flowing environment. Examine and investigate all the details that may spontaneously arise and take responsibility by acting in accordance with who you are. There is an intensification of the nine energies now to help you share your accomplishments, which brings deeper understanding to you and others. This is a time to maintain harmony and peace in order to reap the rewards of your achievements.