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Prophecies from Ancient Records

Prophecies from Ancient Records Almine

From the ancient Lemurian texts known as the Hamagda, the foreseen challenges of societal destructuring in 2012 are described as a cyclical and foreseeable cosmic sequence. The cosmic movement resembles a massive tube torus, or doughnut shape, that turns upon itself. The ancients called this the in-breath and out-breath of God. Unresolved trauma is held in the gaps between breaths; the clearing technique of rebirthing is designed to clear this.

A 2012 phenomenon occurs when the Earth folds over the outer or inner edge of the tube torus of space and comes face to face with all unresolved issues. These consist of events that have not yet yielded their insights, creating karma.

With the multiple cataclysmic events that have taken place—according to records, these happened 1 million, 800,000, and 75,000 years ago, as well as in 9564 BC—the souls on Earth have not been able to recover from the shock. Racial memory has kept in place the deepseated and unresolved pain about Earth seemingly not being a safe home.