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Predicitions for 2012 and Beyond

Predicitions for 2012 and Beyond The Spiritual Councils of Light through Athene Raefiel

Open yourselves to the light. The time of transformation is upon the planet and her peoples. What is coming up is nothing less exhilarating than what has already shown itself to be the new order and flow of time and energy. What will 2012 bring?

Governmental, Societal, and Economic Changes Across the Globe

Governments all over the world will be going through a realignment of what government means. In the United States, President Barack Obama will have to fight hard to hold on to his presidency, but he will. It will be a struggle, though, and there will be a race like no other in the history of the United States, but the altruism of this president will sustain another four years. U.S. forces will have to stay in Afghanistan well beyond the deadline hoped for, until at least 2014.

In Libya, there will be a period of descent by more than one faction of the people, yet they will find a governing body in the interim. Much like the situation in Iraq, it will take time for the many diversified beings of the culture to determine how to work together and bring democracy. This will begin in 2012 and continue until 2013. In the year 2014, there will be a new, better-established governing system that will allow a new healing process to take place. Libya’s people are tired of fighting and being poor. They seek the same opportunities as the rest of developed nations.