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The New Lens of 2012

The New Lens of 2012 Archangel Michael through Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings, my beautiful beings of light! Another mile marker is approaching that has drawn all sorts of prophecies and expectations, both real and imagined. Yes, there are all kinds of alignments that are coming to fruition. There is much buzz about this timeline and what it signifies.

You Are All Integrated Into a Master Tapestry

The truth of the matter, my beautiful beings of grace, is that you asked to be here. You stood in line to volunteer to come. In your volunteering, you asked to witness all that is transpiring—not just specific dates or timelines. Before accepting this incarnation assignment, you even glimpsed the agenda and saw partial pictures of what was to be before ever materializing into this physical form.

Your personal preincarnation scripts are filled with your specific missions. These scripts are not standalone stories; instead, they interlock with all the other participants within the Earth plane, down to the smallest of particles and energy modules. You are all integrated into a finely woven master tapestry that works in conjunction with all of its players. You see, my beloveds, it isn’t just the human species that is participating, but all who are within and without the Earth plane. It is like the entire omniverse has become a beach and you are one of its grains of sand; the endless beach stretches before you, throughout infinity and eternity.