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The New Earth in the Fifth Dimension

The New Earth in the Fifth Dimension The Council of 12 through Carol Sydney

Greetings, fellow masters. We send you blessings and wish you a speedy ascension. Surely, you know how close you are to gaining true perspective on your lives and a greater clarity of reality. Act in accordance with each new insight you have and be ready to shift!

The World After the Ascension

I and the others gathered with me on this side of the ascended plane wish to give you a clearer picture of what the world will look like post-ascension. There are many changes occurring while you watch; some are undercover and of old vibrations soon to pass. When mass consciousness chooses to shift, you will see exactly how your world will be, but until then please arrange yourselves in a position of relaxation and readiness to receive our preview of worlds to come. Your time is now to remember your true nature and to live the shift within. Manifestation of your inner state into physicality comes instantaneously with reverence of your inner well-being.

Let us assume all of you present or reading this material have been preparing yourselves for the change in vibration and dimension for eons, indeed thousands of years. You have done well and will not be disappointed in what you see and experience. Let us not delay then in presenting our “inner slide show” of predictions, or rather I should say certainties.