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A Month of Creative Festivity and Preparations for Change

A Month of Creative Festivity and Preparations for Change Donna Taylor

December begins with a powerful connection between Venus and Pluto and a feisty aspect between Mars, Mercury, and the Sun. So during the first few days of the month, passions are likely to run high in one form or another. Some people will respond to these energies by being argumentative, jealous, suspicious, and confrontational. However, the higher path asks us to respond to others with an attitude of receptivity.

In any confrontation, when we agree with our opponent, their hostility is instantly healed. Your agreement knocks the wind right out of their sails. It takes a big person to be able to do this though, since it is natural to see our own side of a conflict. But if you can move over to the other person’s side and listen to what he or she wants, you might be surprised at the results.

Navigating the Volatile Energies of Early December

Mercury is retrograde during the first two weeks, which might be part of the reason why people may be feeling generally stressed and irritable. Christmas is not a good time for Mercury to be retracing his steps because most people already find that they haven’t got enough time in the day. If you want to avoid feeling this way, you will need to adjust your perceptions, and it will of course help to be as organized as possible. Do not leave all your shopping and arrangements to the last minute.