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Momentum of Light 2012 and Beyond: The New Human and the New Earth

Momentum of Light 2012 and Beyond: The New Human and the New Earth Archangel Gabriel through Frank Stanetti

The momentum of light is the divine plan unfolding. This is a most celebrated time in creation and a time when all have the opportunity to enter their next level of existence. The new human will merge with the fourth-dimensional self or spiritual body, heart centered and vibrating in the light of the soul. There will be two Earths; one vibrating in third dimension and a New Earth that is ascended into its fourth-dimensional form, timed with the birthing of a new Sun.

The Earth and collective humanity are experiencing magnetic pulls and creational metamorphosis, altering your vibrational existence. The Earth at this time is cosmically lining up with the twelve known suns and the absolute center of your galaxy. Within the center of your galaxy is the event horizon that is magnificently preparing to birth the new human, the New Earth, and a new sun star. There will be two suns visible from the New Earth and opalescent rainbow-colored skies. As we approach 2012 and beyond, but more specifically over the next three to five years, all stars, planets, and animate, sentient life will feel a powerful magnetic momentum of creation occurring within them. The inner longing to partially ascend, enter their fourth-dimensional vibration, transcend fear, and live in love is now coming to fruition.

All harmful emotional thoughts within the collective consciousness of humanity will reach unprecedented chaos as time is speeding up toward what your Bible calls the great shift. Humanity will realize that they are their own wrath: they are within themselves the four horsemen! Mans’ inhumanity to man has created multigenerational emotional wounds of hatred, judgment, and tyranny over each other. This has created energized morphogenic thought fields that polarize fear. This global thought field is magnetically influencing your thoughts toward fear and stress. Increasing inner vibration relieves the emotional pull and influence of this collective human-generated thought field.