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Micromanaging God: How We Pray Matters

Micromanaging God: How We Pray Matters Thoth and Archangel Michael through Norma Gentile

From Thoth: How you pray changes the outcome of the future probabilities placed before you. The most likely outcome of a situation can be shifted into a less likely outcome, and a new probable outcome will take its place. In this way, your prayers—or healings, as you may refer to them—play a vital role in shaping your future.

Praying for a definitive outcome to disease, political discord, or personal challenges directs your energy to engage with that one possible outcome as well as into an engagement with the exact reverse of that same outcome. The outcome your personality desires may or may not match the outcome your soul chooses.

Beings of consciousness have filled your planet and all the surrounding dimensions. Most are creating sacred spaces in which the consciousness of humanity might learn and grow. The largest principle for you to learn is honor. In honoring others, you honor their souls’ ability to choose. In honoring others, you need not inflict your will on them. Praying for any definitive outcome limits the quality and quantity of energy available to those beings of consciousness already present within the situation. The quality of consciousness you know as honor opens your heart and allows you to become part of the healing process.