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Integrity in Action for the Coming Year

Integrity in Action for the Coming Year OMA through Frankie Z Avery

As you all know, 2012 is the year of the ending of the Aztec and Mayan calendars, and calendars inscribed into the pyramids do not go beyond this year. Many people are frightened. Is it the end of your world? No! Is it the end of your world as you know it? Yes.

Beginning in this time, through evolution and consciousness, you’re going to see people born onto this planet who are a physically and mentally a superior race to homo sapiens. You will also see those strains of DNA lines which have been contaminated with poison and over-medication beginning to die out. Stronger DNA strains are being formed which can survive all of the chemicals. There is a new strain of DNA forming as we speak! Beginning in the latter half of the year, some of these children will be born. By the time they are two to three years old, the dynamic of their telepathy will be seen much more spectacularly. These people will be able to communicate telepathically very successfully. And so it begins. Just as the homo sapien was differentiated from the Neanderthal, so will this coming species be differentiated from you.

Forty-two years ago, I heard the human race is the last species not to make a major evolutionary change. Is this the evolutionary jump for humans, a leap in consciousness?

Yes, this DNA shift is the beginning of it. This is when the first of those children are born. This is why you see an ending to calendars. It is going to be up to you! If individuals begin to take a hand in consciousness and begin speaking out, you will see the world forced to save itself, using the corporations as vehicles for good instead of emperors of destruction.