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Flowing with the Change in the Circle of Life

Flowing with the Change in the Circle of Life Ortho through Robert Shapiro

This is Ortho. I am a guide and teacher associated with aquatic beings. Lately I have been welcoming aquatic beings on their pathway home, as only those who have direct knowledge given to them or specific capabilities to pass that knowledge on to human beings are going to stay on the Earth now. Other than that, the reincarnational cycle has been diminished or removed from a great many species. This does not mean they won’t exist, but they will exist on other planets—perhaps their homes, perhaps some place they wish to visit, but no longer on Earth as you know it.

As you know, Earth as a planet is changing. This is not surprising. While a certain amount of mining and digging around can be tolerated, past that point, it cannot. Forty years ago, your planet was intended to have the types of products, services, and so on, that exist on other planets, but there was so much fear and resistance—not just from the powers that be, as you say, but also from individuals—that those who had come to deliver such capabilities withdrew on their own without being asked to. Granted, there were some messages delivered sixty or even seventy years ago that the day would come when Earth would be invited into the party, the welcoming party of other planetary citizens, but that was not placed into the overriding knowledge and wisdom of the planet because of factionalization: While some peoples knew and were prepared to welcome such visitors, others did not, and sharing of knowledge and wisdom became complicated.

Now, however, you are experiencing a revitalization of the welcoming feeling, and Earth, after all this time, is moving toward the alterations any planet would have to make because of that extra forty years of mining and drilling and so on. So if you can, as a people—meaning all Earth people—welcome visitors from other planets (true visitors from other planets, I should say), then it might be possible to bring you up to speed, so to speak, in order to engage with those capabilities known on other planets.