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Finding Peace Within

Finding Peace Within Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

A Drow Elf, the angelic realm, and the Elven world are well represented in this session, but you will not hear them because they speak in their own languages. They also want to know about 2012, a journey that offers so much energy to we the people. I will start with a Dwarven king, Rannas, who asks:

What will we hear from the world of we the people in 2012? Will they be kinder than they have been in the past, or will they still be caught up in their journey, unwilling to acknowledge us?

Rannas is actually asking about the cellular consciousness of we the people, and I answer that the year 2012 will be about we the people shifting on the cellular level. Such a shift actually starts from this day forward. Your journey, Rannas, will be addressed so vividly, so brightly, that it will be heard around the world. El Gordon Dubboon, a prince from the Elven world, asks:

The Elven world is predominant in the fourth light and will take a brighter spot on this Earth plane in 2012. The people will awaken so strongly that they will no longer be able to sit back and wait.

This prince has been in and out of the Earth plane for over 50,000 years. He stands before you humbled, not because you are human but because you are we the people and you really make a difference in this world. The prince says he is as proud as he can be of those of you who recognize the Elven World, and as for those who do not know they exist, you will know it soon. I now introduce you to a Drow Elf, one of those who live underneath the Earth. He has come to the surface. He is dark in complexion, wearing dark clothes and what you might consider to be glasses on his face. They are actually blinders; he wears them because the light is too bright for him.