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Evolving with the Flow of the Final Countdown

Evolving with the Flow of the Final Countdown Sarrinn with the Ancients and Masters of Light through Daniele DeVoe

Welcome, lightworkers! How quickly this momentous year has arrived! As the Mayan calendar comes to an end, and as Gaia and her filial planets cycle back to the galactic center and myriad prophecies await their final hearing, there is one consideration that outshines all of these remarkable things, and that is critical mass.

As you consider and review the flow of experience since the beginning days of this young millennium, notice how much your world has evolved into a global energy. So many people were—and still are—skeptical of the predictions of telepathic, magnetic, crystalline and divine grids that were described, and lightworkers were encouraged to join in their design and implementation. Yet the exponential growth of your Internet and its impact on communication and connectivity of all your citizens is now fact: It is actually driven and directed by those same grids.

Also, notice how universal the information about the impact of 2012 has become. Discussions concerning this pivotal time run the gamut from threats of Armageddon to promises of instant nirvana. What we find to be the most important consideration here is that the discussions are happening! Millions of people are thinking about the possibility of spiritual evolution, and energy follows thought 100 percent of the time. Are you aware that critical mass is permanently changed by numbers much smaller than the millions actually participating now? Because of this fact, one of the primary jobs for all lightworkers today is to encourage the most positive outcomes and futures that are available to us all. You volunteered for this moment, and your task is simply to contemplate possible outcomes, discuss them, and thereby dream them into reality!