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The Event Horizon Awaits: Anticipate Change

The Event Horizon Awaits: Anticipate Change Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

The world that you have known, for better and worse, now prepares to yield to the next as the space-time boundaries of this world are near bursting. The horizon that you see or imagine is flexible and can easily bend, much as you imagine light can bend and reshape itself when it is cast as a singular beam or dispersed as a wide spectrum. The reshaping of light creates an event horizon, which is simply the point of no return, the tipping point at which mass consciousness yields and makes the impossible possible. Currently, humanity is on the observer’s side of the horizon so it cannot see itself traveling at light speed as it prepares to intercept the event, or next horizon. In other words, light cannot watch itself travel at light speed without slowing down to do so. However, as time continues to both accelerate and elapse, humanity will pass through the horizon, creating an event and a new reality all at once! This is the way of nature.

Every season and sentient thing inevitably responds to that which has sacrificed itself in service to nature. True sacrifice is not an expression of martyrdom and does not imply death or loss. Sacrifice, in its most sacred sense, implies the desire and experience to forgo something of great value in favor of something that is even grander. It is to bequeath a treasure unto the hands of fate and to trust that fate is both kind and just. Would you place the keys to a one-of-a-kind racecar in the hands of an infant? Most likely not, yet that is exactly what the Earth does at the beginning of every age, and then it trusts and waits to see what and who returns at the end of that age and what experiences were gathered in the process.

In this message, I will outline a few key points for you to consider, adding the details that are deemed helpful. Know that the details will never seem to be enough. From your vantage point, you cannot see far enough down the road. You are hungry and thirsty for new experiences and dry—even parched— from exerting yourselves these last few years. I will speak to this and more. Be patient and willing to learn. Open your hearts and minds even more than you already have, and know peace within even when unrest rules without.