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The Doorway to a New Start

The Doorway to a New Start The Council of 12 through Selacia

For thousands of years, society has been moving toward the juncture you now face. A grand forgetting took place in previous generations; people forgot their divine nature and moved into fear. A planet without love became a divided world and set the stage for many of the conflicts and crises being experienced today.

The year 2012 will be a notable turning point because of the sheer numbers of people awakening and holding a light-filled focus. This unprecedented rising of the light can make a pivotal difference as humanity moves through some of its greatest challenges. While some people believe that humanity is doomed and about to face its final demise, the rising of the light can bring about a brand-new start. A new type of existence based on love can result from humanity’s crisis. That is why you are alive now!

Indeed, you now stand in a doorway of potential that leads to a radically different kind of future. On some days, you likely already have glimpses of what this future will be like—the general populace will interact in a heart-centered way, global imbalances will be rectified, and people will have what they truly need.