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Cycles and Circles of Time Bring Changes

Cycles and Circles of Time Bring Changes Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Naturally, as I give this message, I am aware of the request from my partner that those who see and read this are interested in what you would call predictions for your future. It is therefore with great love and honor that I give you this short message on what Humans are always so interested in.

The Human Bias of Short-Term Realization

Before I give any information, however, there is a review needed concerning information I have given in the past, and also a bit about Human bias. First, there is no entity “out there” that is going to give you your future. What is before you on your circle of time is predictable only through potentials of energy.

These potentials are gathered through several sources, and in summary, they are:

  1. The slow emergence of a change in Human consciousness
  2. The time fractals that are a result of at least three Gaia cycles of alignment
  3. The speed of your time—that is, vibration.

These things are not preset and are continuously variable. [Channel’s note: There is no predestination.]

These attributes are not easily seen by linear Human Beings for many reasons. First, you don’t give enough credibility to the slowness with which your new energy unfolds. You only look at decades and not generations, even though you absolutely know that it often takes a generation to change things based on what your children do and how they think. So you look at the news and compare what has happened recently to what’s happening now and then lock in your judgment to what may be happening next. This leads you to jump to conclusions about where your planet is going and what you should do about it. You are biased by what I will call short-term realization.