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Cultivate Your Deepest Knowing

Cultivate Your Deepest Knowing The Galactic Frequency Council through Catherine Richardson

Greetings! We are the Galactic Frequency Council, and we have negotiated through time and space to communicate with you today. We are pleased to be speaking to you at this appointed interface during this most exciting of times.

You stand at the edge of 2012, and many of you are looking forward to this year. Yet many of you are already disappointed about it. You feel that the predictions—whether positive or negative—are not really coming to fruition. And because of this, you doubt all of your guidance, from your own intuition to channeling to guidance from “experts” in the field of 2012 studies.

Your Deep-Seated Faith in an Underlying Order to the Universe

Many of you are still trying to make sense of the barrage of information concerning 2012. Truly, most of you hope—somewhere in your hearts—that something will change this year. You hope that purpose, meaning, and order will impose itself on your lives. You hope that prophecy will be fulfilled, and that the heretofore underlying occult force or forces of the universe will become known to you. In other words, many of you secretly— or not-so-secretly—hope that your faith in God will be restored or established this year. Or if not God, then some power greater than yourselves, whether it be scientifically advanced extraterrestrials or even the Illuminati.