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The Creator Promises an End to Fear in 2012

The Creator Promises an End to Fear in 2012 The Eloheim through Lily Jones

Once again, Earth being, you humbly ask for guidance on behalf of your fellow human beings as to what to expect for your Earth year 2012. As we quietly observe from other dimensions, we see so much unnecessary fear among your peoples. There is no need to be full of fear. There are so many of us who love you all dearly, transcending all time and dimensions. Has not your Creator Father God already promised eternal life? Each of you on the earthly plane had chosen to physically experience life as a separate being in a bio-suit, yet your soul remembers life as one with all.

The ancient Earthlings of your world left calendars counting the movements of the stars and planets in order to first know when to plant crops and how to navigate during travel and migration so that they might not forget how to get back to the home of their origin. How many of you find yourselves gazing up into the night sky only to strangely feel overcome with a sort of homesickness that you cannot explain? This is your soul crying out for the planets you originally came from.

There have been many races who came to your little bluegreen planet from afar. Your Bible even describes various so-called alien races, and many other ancient texts also reveal such details. Many races still walk among you now who can pass through many dimensions. Soon you too will be able to do the same. Many of you can already see multidimensionally, and your children will do so more and more, even when others around them do not understand. Currently many children are wrongly diagnosed as handicapped, either mentally or physically, yet in truth, their souls are the most advanced of you all. Some wish to create labels such as indigo, crystal, rainbow, or autistic. Only the Creator knows for sure who they really are. These gifted children carry a special vibration to directly communicate with him.