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Birth of the New Earth of the Future

Birth of the New Earth of the Future Masters of Light through Claire Montanaro

As we speak with you now, your Earth is in the eighth month in terms of the human cycle of creation. Just as the child within the human body increasingly stretches, pushes, kicks, and plays as it waits to be ready to emerge into the light of the world, so too the new creation within the belly of your planet is making its presence known through internal eruptions and specific manifestations upon its surface, signaling anticipation of the tremendous changes soon to transform the world as you have known it for millennia.

Many among you are uneasy as you sense the imminence of transformation. Some of you are reluctant to accept that your human life is changing. Others, even when confronted by upheaval on a massive scale, scramble to plan for a future based on a past that is dying. Some have the wisdom to recognize that now is the time, the course is unalterable, the consciousness that is Gaia and the consciousness that is humanity are moving beautifully together to a new level of being, and there is nothing to be feared.

Let us remind you of what is occurring here, for it is all very marvelous—it is the completion of a major stage in the great plan of God, of which you are a part. Since it was first seeded by life, your Earth and you yourself have been pioneers in a school of learning based on choice, experience, spirit, and matter. Since you first walked the surface of your planet, you have been working with all your heart and all your soul for the outcome that beckons you now. It is the greatest prize of all: it is the final initiation that, if completed with success, will enable the child yearning to be born to emerge as a planet transformed into light, a sacred planet imbued with the grace and the love of spirit.