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The Beginning of Quantum Life

The Beginning of Quantum Life Master Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

I, Kuthumi, now enter your field of higher awareness. As you approach your linear year of 2012, many of the changes you have experienced in the previous years will be consolidated in your mind and therefore also consolidated into matter on a physical level.

The previous three years have created much of your transformation. Prior to that was a time of preparation and awakening to your soul light. In 2010, I spoke of the financial markets and changes in the monetary system of the world. Of course, in the last two years, these changes have created much chaos for governments as well as for every individual who uses money as a vessel of exchange. This chaos has helped many view money in a different light. It has also helped them to restructure their attitude toward the use of money. Many wise people have learned to control their money instead of allowing themselves to be controlled by money. Many have questioned this entire issue, and indeed many are still questioning it. This process takes away the monetary power of the few and creates a new awareness. New currencies will be born in 2012.

Last year, I named 2011 a year of unity. It was a year of facing new realities in your lives on every level. What had been hidden for so long was revealed. This process will continue through 2012 and 2013 as the old continues to fall away. Last year, I urged those who had opened to a higher awareness to join together, to help one another, and to reach out to assist others in their understanding and awakening. There were brave souls who gave their lives in 2011 to free their countrymen and women from tyranny. They gave their lives for truth and freedom.