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Awaken to Your Galactic Heritage

Awaken to Your Galactic Heritage Pleiadian and Sirian Energies through Christine Bearse

Greetings to all who read these words and participate in the energies between the words. We, the Pleiadian and the Sirian energies, flow though this form [Christine] as herself. There is no separation. There is no channeling.

Within 2012, prepare to remember your own galactic heritage. Memory will occur to whatever degree is appropriate for you and your life on Earth. You are here, living as human but not human. You are here, being the star energies from other galaxies and planets. Most of you on Earth at this time are embodying aspects from planets and stars within the Milky Way galaxy, simple because it is more efficient and supportive not just to you but for the greater good. Most of you have many traces of galactic heritage within your DNA from multiple sources, but there will be two or three primary home bases that you most likely will remember, for they are the focus of this embodiment.

The fall months of 2011 witnessed and participated in an energy shift of greater alignment with the Central Sun. Earth changes, some of which are and have been created by the high frequency active auroral research program (HAARP), are part and parcel of the larger plan. Truth is being revealed as veils become thinner. Minds and hearts of humans and those housed in human forms are all being stimulated and enhanced for the gradual return to the truth, which of course is a process that has been underway intensely for the past fifty to one hundred years.