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Activating Many Points of View in 2012

Activating Many Points of View in 2012 Dwhal Khul through Catherine Weser

Good day. We are here to serve and aid you. So much has been said about 2012 and the end of time, the end of the Mayan calendar, and yet we see only beginnings. To fully take part in these new beginnings, you will need to be able to access many different points of view in 2012.

Even if you tend to operate from a single point of view, being fluid and unattached enough to perceive a situation from several points of view will allow you to expand the nature of your perceptual capacity. Having this ability will assist you in seeing the larger picture of what is unfolding in the year. Many things that will unfold will be invisible to those whose attention is fixed on their personal points of view. They will be living in a one-dimensional world that is actually multidimensional. Being able to access different points of view assists you in expanding your perception of reality. Just like an artist who paints a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional canvas, you will be expanding to assemble the nature of your reality, painting that multidimensional reality on the threedimensional canvas you are familiar with. Eventually, you will live in that multidimensional reality.

This process of knowing how to access many points of view is essential in evolving your creation of reality to a next level. As humans move through their upcoming stages of evolution, the primary form of consciousness will become communal—a species awareness, a deeper sense of connectedness on all levels to all species. In other words, evolutionarily speaking, humanity will move away from individual separate identification toward a much greater realization of connectedness. Humanity will move into global telepathy and fully revealed, absolute empathy, and it all begins with the capacity to access different points of view.