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A Year of Unity

A Year of Unity Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

I greet you in peace, in the glory of God and All That Is. I have been asked to share insights for your coming year, the year 2011. Everything I have taught through these transmissions has been to prepare you for this time, to prepare you for the awakening and the higher steps each must now take to succeed in your process of evolution.

This marks the year of great spiritual advancement for humankind. Many more will awaken to their higher purposes and remember the knowledge of their souls, for as the vibration is raised, so is the veil of spirit. The higher you vibrate in light, in awareness, the thinner the veil, until a pivotal point is reached at which you begin to flow in soul light and as one with all: one with the vibration of the universe, the Earth, and fellow souls. You flow with the vibration of God—the Source, All That Is. And so it is and shall be.