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What Can We Do Together?

What Can We Do Together? The guardians through Saga-Oracle

Greetings, beloveds. This time of ascension is a wonder to behold, and to be involved in physicality within this transition is a great soul-growth opportunity at both a personal level and a groupconsciousness level. Guides and guardians working through the various channels offer help so you can stay focused on the gift of this moment rather than the frustrations. To experience this time is your choice and it is our pleasure to help you through it.

The year of the 10 always brings a completion to the lessons of the cycle. In this second millennium, the ten represents the end of an old system of thinking and being that has shaped and molded societies for over 2,000 years. This opportunity has come and gone before, and each time completion was not accomplished. The major unlearned lesson on this plane, thus repeated, was the misuse of power through fear. Thus being controlled, or being a controller, and all of the frustrations this causes— due to the denial of freedom and the sacred nature of life— has run its course. The "fear of losing fear" has been the major factor in this resistance to change. But once again you have another chance to get it right.