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Walking through the Doorway of Questions

Walking through the Doorway of Questions Tom Wright

It's always an amazing increase in awareness when the right questions are asked, and then when the doorways those questions lead us through are passionately entered with all we have. Within a totally inclusive worldview, how can a question be deemed "right"? Doesn't that mean there are wrong questions? Right answers?

Good questions! Let's back up, though. It isn't really a "right" question we are looking to ask, but a "right for" question the practitioner is looking to explore. Right for what? Right for being a doorway that, once unlocked, allows us to enter into a larger, more expansive room. With awareness, that room would be in line with an inclusive worldview, and therefore would contain things that, having walked through the doorway, we could then become aware of. That's all well and good—sounds great, right? But how do we increase our awareness by walking through the doorway we are calling a "question"? This is another great question, and in order to explore this doorway, let's start by walking through it.