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Ticktock Archangel Michael through Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Welcome! My beautiful beings of grace, isn't it wonderful that this sign post of 2012 keeps popping up? My beloveds, it kind of smacks of the Y2K bug, where everyone was determined that the world would not go into the year 2000 and the computers of the world would no longer operate. Remember that one? Yet the year 2000 dawned, you opened your eyes, got out of bed, toddled over to your computers, and lo and behold, they still functioned. You were still there and the world kept twirling. Of course the computer may have had to have a patch, but you moved beyond the terror and the fear, did you not? My beloveds, your perception of time has sped up and the naysayers continue to spout their doom-and-gloom Earth destruction scripts to keep their fear-based followers glued to their television sets, iPhones, newspapers, and blogs.

There has been so much growth within mass consciousness since 1988, my divine light warriors. This planet is no more what it was a moment ago, let alone viewing back to the times when the Maya calculated their calendars, when Nostradamus wrote his predictions, when St. John the Divine channeled the Biblical Book of Revelation, and when the many other prognosticators brought forth their predications and pronouncements of what would occur in the year 2012.