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For the Thrill of It All!

For the Thrill of It All! The Council of Unity through Helenita Ziegler

The rollercoaster attendant is loading up the people. Did you buy a ticket? Are you ready for the ride of your life? This human life, that is. You can choose to ride with your hands in the air or grasping the bar with white knuckles. It is all up to you! The predictions coming at you are all about your perspective—your choice, but also know that whatever you choose is the appropriate choice for you when you make it.

It is time for all the figuring out, the serious stuff, to be put on the kiddie train to go round and round with the younger guys in the Earth amusement park. Anyhow, it only goes around the peripheral part of the park—the outer edges, so to speak. Are you not ready for the big rides, for the roller coaster? The training is completed. Remember everything you went through to get into the park? Well, maybe you can't remember. The amnesia excuse is wearing rather thin to all of us angels, guides, and helpers. That is, for some of us. Others of us are still in our egos trying to explain everything to you, being as we are the high and mighty know-it-alls. It seems rather like they are dumbing it down for you. They really think that their assistance will help you understand. Is that what you need? You know you will "get it" when you transition, so why bother stressing your brain while you are still several dimensions away? Everything is not as it seems anyhow.