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Surfing the Ninth Wave Into Unity Consciousness

Surfing the Ninth Wave Into Unity Consciousness Susan Shumsky

As we move into the next phase of the Mayan calendar on March 9, 2011, we enter a new realm of consciousness. This will bring shifts in every area of human life, and human beings will see mental, spiritual, political, social, economic, and geological changes.

The Mayan calendar develops according to nine wave movements. The longest wave starts at the birth of the universe while the ninth and final wave, beginning on March 9, will be 234 days long, made up of thirteen different uaxaclahunkin (eighteenday) periods. During this last phase of the Mayan calendar, we are barreling toward the culmination of collective human development, which will occur at the calendar's endpoint, calculated by the greatest experts in the field as October 28, 2011. So what will this mean for humanity?