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Seeing Is Believing

Seeing Is Believing Archangel Gabriel through Lotus Fire

Greetings, precious ones! I am the Archangel Gabriel, Lord of the Moon, ruler of the inner and outer tides. I come to you this day on the wings of eternity, loving you, blessing you, and greeting you in these very extraordinary times. I do so with great excitement for your future unfoldment and for the progress you have made as a race of beings in the past year, as you measure time.

Can you begin to comprehend the enormity of what has occurred in the past year? Much of it has occurred outside the realm of conscious awareness of the average human. Yet when there was a disaster of potentially epic proportions in the Gulf of Mexico, there were those who reacted with panic and fear, but there were also enough of those who reacted with calmness, lack of fear, meditation and prayer—sending light, love, and healing energy to the region affected and to the entire planet. Together, your consciousness healed a potentially disastrous, globally destructive event. While the full extent of this spill has not yet been cleared, the potential for horrific, massive, worldwide destruction has been completely and totally averted.