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The Power of Sound to Heal Our Bodies and Our Planet

The Power of Sound to Heal Our Bodies and Our Planet Shamael through Jonathan Goldman

It has been nearly fifteen years since we initially added our words to the pages of this magazine. Since the publication of the first volume of our writings, entitled Shifting Frequencies, our voice has remained relatively inactive with regard to adding our name to published works. That does not mean our coauthor, Jonathan, has been idle. He has, in fact, been most busy. And we have certainly helped guide both his teaching and his words.

Now a new version of Shifting Frequencies has been published and it seems only appropriate that we once again continue contributing to this magazine. This book contains information about the use of sound as a tool to shift and change vibrational levels. It also includes material about other modalities as well, including the use of light and quartz crystals to create shift and change. A review of this material reveals that very little, if anything, in our prior writings has changed and become out of date. In fact, while this information remains quite real and relevant, it seems that it also remains outside the realm of most people's arena of understanding. Thus we would like to strongly suggest that if you have not reviewed and absorbed the material in the book known as Shifting Frequencies, you might find it to be of great benefit. Sound continues to be an extraordinary tool for multidimensional shift and change, and there is much in our initial writings that we know will be of great importance to those of you interested in the subject of vibrational activation.