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One Thousand Years of Peace

One Thousand Years of Peace Mother Mary through Bente Hansen

There is much distress and disturbance on the planet at this particular juncture in time. This is part, or an aspect, of a significant shift that has been predetermined and is occurring at an increasingly rapid rate. This shift is one that you welcome with joyfulness and love. This shift is the one that you have embodied to experience and that many of you have waited many years in your linear time to eventually observe and experience.

Yet as this shift takes place you may wonder why there seems to be an increase in disturbances and upswells of emotion that increase instability and lack of certainty and direction. Relax, relax, for all is as it is meant to be. If you will, think for a moment. Reflect on the status of your residence, the place within which you dwell, that which you call your home. There are times—are there not?—when you choose to undertake what many refer to as a spring-cleaning of your home. When this happens, you busily become engaged in cleaning, discarding, sorting, rearranging. In the midst of this process there appears to be a great deal of chaos. When you undertake a spring-cleaning of your home, when you are in the midst of it, there is no order, there is no neatness, there is no calm.