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Live Empty to Rise Above

Live Empty to Rise Above St. Germain through Molly Rowland

Beloved masters, what exciting times these are! The shift from the energy of the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age is so intense. There are those who are desperately clinging to the old ways and wanting to fight anything and everything that suggests change. However, they simply cannot hold the colossal changes back.

The schism that the Bible spoke of about the latter days is obvious. People are taking sides for the final fight. Oh beloveds, you can never ascend in hate and anger. There are some who swear that they are God's army and that they will fight to the death to defend God. But the I Am requires no defense, and the unconditional love of I Am has no desire for conflict. This is not because God would judge the war, but because as you allow yourselves to rise up on the currents of love, the neediness of separation falls away. You are free to be all that you are.